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Card fraud

Get all the guidance you need to safeguard your bank and credit cards.

Card not present (CNP) fraud

CNP fraud can happen without the card or cardholder being present. Fraudsters can memorise or copy your card number, expiry date and 3-digit card validation code (on the back of your card) when you’re using your card to pay.

Your card information is used for fraudulent transactions online or over the phone, even though your card is still in your possession.

How to prevent CNP fraud

  • Stay alert when using your cards and making payments
  • Don’t let your card out of your sight when making payments
  • Check that you’ve received your own card back after every purchase
  • Sign your card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it
  • Review your account details and transactions on a regular basis

Card skimming

Card skimming
Fraudsters can duplicate your card by ‘skimming’ or copying your card details with a device they place in an ATM card slot.

To get your PIN, they’ll either set up a hidden camera, or watch you type it in. While you can’t prevent your card being skimmed, you can prevent fraudsters from learning your PIN.

How to keep your PIN safe at ATMs

  • Always cover the ATM keypad when entering your PIN
  • Always be careful and alert when using an ATM
  • If for any reason you become suspicious, cancel the transaction and remove your card

Card swapping

Fraudsters who see you experiencing difficulty at an ATM might offer to help you insert your card, only to pocket it as they watch you enter your PIN, and then claim your card has been ‘swallowed’.

How to prevent card swapping

  • Never accept help from strangers at an ATM
  • If someone interrupts you, cancel the transaction, remove your card and leave immediately