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Finding the right funeral cover

Just how all the funeral expenses are going to be covered isn’t something you or your family should be worried about when mourning a loved one.

Some of the benefits

Automatic cover increase

Ensure that your benefits are not reduced by inflation.

Personalized premiums

Align the cost with your lifestyle and age.

Flexible cover

Choose the amount of cover you need or the premium you want to pay.

Build your benefits

Pick and choose the benefits you want.
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funeral insurance
Do You Need Funeral Insurance?
What you need to know about funeral insurance

Funerals can quickly become costly. With the right funeral insurance, you have peace of mind knowing that in the event of your death, being laid to rest will not leave your loved ones burdened with debt.

Types of Life Insurance
Types of life insurance policies

Ensure that you are covered for all eventualities with the appropriate life cover. Learn more about the types of life insurance here.

credit cards
What is Credit Card Protection?
What you need to know about credit card protection

Credit card protection is important to protect yourself and your loved ones so that in the event of your death, disability or retrenchment, the outstanding balance on your credit card is covered.

vehicle finance
Why you need car loan protection insurance?
What you need to know about car loan protection insurance

A car loan protection insurance policy will cover the debt on your vehicle in the event of your death, disability, development of a dread disease or retrenchment.

We also offer
PER Insurance Dent and Scratch Product Detail
Dent & Scratch

Get competitive cover for repairs to minor dents and scratches, paint chips and tar damage to keep your car in showroom condition.

PER Insurance Vehicle and Asset Finance Shortfall Cover
Car shortfall insurance

Make sure you're covered for the difference between your comprehensive insurance payout and the amount you still owe on your car or motorbike if it's stolen or written off.