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Insuring your debt

Should something happen to you, a protection plan is the best way to soften the financial impact on your family.

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PER Insurance Credit Card Protection Plan Content Tile
Credit card protection plan

Know that what you owe is covered in the event of your death, disability, dread disease or retrenchment.

PER Insurance Vehicle and Asset Finance Shortfall Cover Content Tile
Car finance shortfall cover

Pay off what you still owe after receiving your comprehensive insurance payout.

PER Insurance Loan Protection Plan Content Tile
Loan protection plan

Insure the outstanding balance on your overdraft, or personal or student loan.

Vehicle and asset finance protection content tile
Car finance protection plan

Have what's still owing on your car or motorbike paid off in the event of your death, dread disease, disability or retrenchment.

PER Insurance Home Loan Protection Plan Content Tile
Home loan protection plan

If something happens and you can’t keep paying your bond, you can still protect your home and family with the right cover.

PER Insurance Vehicle and Asset Insurance Product Detail
Car insurance

With over 150 years of experience, we are the brand to trust !

  • Our car insurance specialists make the process simple for you
  • We will give you a tailored quote to suit your needs
  • We do the shopping for you, giving you more options to choose from
Let us call you back, saving you both time and money!

PER Insurance Household Contents Insurance Product Details
Home contents insurance

It takes years to furnish your home, and just seconds for your hard work to be undone. With the right cover, it won’t take as long the second-time round.