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Deceased Estates

Decesed estates product detail

Create value for your loved ones

The loss of a loved one is an intensely emotional experience. It’s also a time when professional assistance is most needed. With our years of experience and technical expertise, we know how to help you effectively administer your estate.

How Deceased Estates work

Your wishes will be carried out according to your Will*

  • You’ll need to:
  • Obtain a death certificate
  • Report the death
  • Appoint an Executor
  • Contact Standard Bank

*We also offer estate administration where no Will exists, and we are not the nominated executor.  

Documents required by the Master of the High Court
  • Original/certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • Declaration of marriage by surviving spouse indicating the type of marriage
  • The Will/completed next-of-kin affidavit
  • Completed inventory form 
  • List of the deceased’s creditors
  • Declaration to confirm that the estate hasn’t been reported at another master’s office
Documents required by the Standard Bank
  • Certified death certificate
  • Certified ID of deceased
  • Certified letter of appointment as Executor (LOA/LOE)
  • Certified BI-1663 (Death Notice)
  • Certified ID document of the Executor/Agent
  • Certified proof of residence of Executor/Agent
  • Certified proof-of-banking details of estate late account
  • Contact details and address of the Executor/next of kin

Need a little help with deceased estates? Fill in the CALL ME BACK form and one of our dedicated and compassionate team members will contact you. Or, you can contact us.

Wils product details

A Will represents peace of mind for you and those you care about. The importance of a Will, and the protection it gives your family cannot be overstated. We can help you draft a personalised Will, as well as offer ongoing reviews should your circumstances change. Plus, we can hold your Will in the safe custody of Standard Trust’s vault.

Trust Product details 2

By establishing a Trust, you are able to set up a structure and appoint trustees to manage your assets for the benefit of your beneficiaries. Our experienced Trust specialists are ready to help you draft a Trust deed and establish a Trust to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones.