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Additional Home Services

Let us help you get a qualified professional for services related to your home.

Electrical services

Need an electrician or a compliance certificate*?
Let us help you find the best electrician to suit your needs

*The Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) is a document that verifies the electrical installations such as plugs, lights, distribution boards, geysers and wiring a home. All homeowners are required to have a valid certificate as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Please note that this service is limited to Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Moving services

Need help moving your furniture and other items?

Let us find the best moving services to suit your needs.

Please note that this service is limited to Johannesburg, Gauteng



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Property inspections

As a seller, get the best possible price from the sale of your home – know the key items that need fixing before you sell.

As a buyer, make an informed decision before buying the home of your dreams.

As an existing home owner, you are proud of your home - let us help you keep its value.

Please note that this service is limited to Johannesburg, Gauteng

Smart Geyser

Go Green with a Smart Geyser!

Install a Smart Geyser in your home and lower your electricity consumption, reduce your carbon footprint, save money and avoid possible property damage from a leaking or burst geyser.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Let us know which other services can be added to make your life easier.

Home Buying Tips for First-Timers
Home buying tips for first-timers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be a little scary. Make sure your joy is not overshadowed by concerns about debt with our home buying tips.

home loans
Access Bond: Make Your Home Loan Work
Access bond: What you need to know

With an access bond facility on your home loan, you won’t have to take out a personal loan to cover unexpected expenses such as fixing your pool or repairing your roof.

Buying an Investment Property
Tips for property investment

Buying an investment property can be a savvy decision if you have factored in all of the costs and risks.

What are Pension-Backed Home Loans?
Pension-backed home loans: What you need to know

A pension-backed home loan (as per the Pension Funds Act 19 (5) (a) and 37D) is an alternative form of housing finance where the loan is secured by your retirement fund savings instead of a mortgage bond.

We also offer
PER Insurance Building Insurance Product Detail
Building insurance

Get cover for structural damage caused by fire, storms, theft or burst geysers.

PER Insurance Home Loan Protection Plan Product Detail
Home loan protection plan

If something happens and you can’t keep paying your bond, you can still protect your home and family with the right cover.

PER Insurance Household Contents Insurance Product Details
Home contents insurance

It takes years to furnish your home, and just seconds for your hard work to be undone. With the right cover, it won’t take as long the second-time round.