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Why building insurance is a good idea

Why building insurance is a good idea

Protect your home from any unforeseen structural damage with building insurance. Here’s a look at what is generally covered in the insurance cover.

As a homeowner, your home is one of your biggest assets. It only makes sense to look after it. And while this may be a top priority, things out of your control can happen, resulting in costly repairs to your home.

Nowadays, your bank won’t grant you a home loan without building insurance. There to help take care of the costs should the physical structure or outbuildings of your home be damaged, protecting your home with reliable cover for risk of structural damage is a must.


Most policies cover:

  • Fire, water and storm damage
  • Malicious harm to your property
  • Limited subsidence and landslip cover
  • Household facilities such as tennis courts, permanent swimming pools, domestic water tanks and fixed generators.

At an additional premium, optional cover for full subsidence and extended cover can be arranged. See your building insurance policy for a full list of what is covered, and what isn’t.


Added benefits include home emergency cover:

  • Geyser malfunctions and general geyser repairs
  • Broken windows
  • Electrical problems

Personal accident cover includes:

  • All domestic workers while in your employ and on duty
  • Legal assistance cover for you, the employer, for disputes with your domestic worker/s

Monthly premiums

Your monthly premiums can be automatically debited to your home loan and include South African Special Risks Insurance (Sasria) cover. And when claiming, you’re able to pay a higher voluntary excess to reduce your premium.

Having building insurance gives you peace of mind, ensuring that you’re prepared financially for every eventuality.

Did you know?

As a UCount Rewards member, you’ll also earn 50 points per month for just having a qualifying insurance policy.

Next step

To get a quote, visit our building insurance page, or alternatively head to the property tips section of the Community to interact with other Standard Bank customers and bank consultants.