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The new and improved Standard Bank Debit Card

To provide you with the best banking experience, we always try to evolve our product offerings to meet your current needs. Debit cardholders now have access to a range of new and improved features, including a new e-commerce functionality that ensures you can shop online safely.

Simplified online shopping experience

Standard Bank Debit Cards are now equipped with a new functionality called card-not-present (CNP) technology. This technology enables cardholders to make transactions without being physically present, which includes shopping online. You will have to either phone our voice branch or sign in to our Banking App to enable online purchases and take advantage of this functionality.

Enhanced security features

We know how important security is for our customers, so we have introduced a one-time pin (OTP) function. When making a purchase, an OTP will be sent to your registered cellphone number to verify that you are the one making it. Therefore, you need to ensure that we have your most recent contact details on file when enabling this functionality.

Contactless payments with Tap to Pay

We have also enabled Tap to Pay on the revamped debit cards, which allows you to pay for purchases by simply tapping your card on any contactless-enabled card machine. With Tap to Pay, making payments is quicker and more hygienic as you no longer have to touch the card machine to enter your PIN for purchases under R500.

Similar functionality to a cheque card

The debit card will now function like a cheque card, meaning that you will be able to view outstanding authorisations on your account. An outstanding authorisation means that while making a purchase, the funds are not immediately taken out of your account and are instead reserved on the account, making them unavailable for you to spend. These funds will clear once the merchant banks their transactions. You should always ensure that you have enough funds available in your account for any purchases you are making.

Ready to start your shopping spree? With the Standard Bank Gold Debit Card, you can have a safe, simplified online shopping experience.