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Redeeming and spending your UCount Rewards Points

Getting rewarded for shopping is great, but the real benefit lies in using those rewards to save you money and help you do more. Your UCount Rewards Points can go a long way if you know how to make the most of them.

You can turn your Rewards Points into almost anything: from paying for fuel, shopping, flights and holidays to paying off your Standard Bank Loan and more. Here’s how to redeem your Rewards Points and how to spend them to get what you want.


When you join UCount Rewards, you earn Rewards Points every time you swipe your qualifying Standard Bank Cards. Your Rewards Points are then safely tucked away in your UCount Rewards account until you’re ready to redeem them in a variety of convenient ways:

1. Use your UCount Rewards Card

Swipe your Rewards Card in store at any one of our Rewards Retailers, Bidvest Premier Lounges or Caltex Service Stations and enter your PIN to pay your bill either in full or in part.

2. With our in-app platform on the banking app

Download the Standard Bank App and redeem your Rewards Points through your UCount Rewards profile whenever you want. From there, you can transfer them to your loan or investment, or redeem them for online vouchers.

3. When you’re shopping online

To redeem your Rewards Points at one of our Rewards Retailers’ online stores, you’ll need a 3D SecureCode to authenticate your UCount Rewards Card, which ensures your online shopping is safe and secure. You can get your 3D SecureCode by signing in to your UCount Rewards profile online or on our in-app platform.

4. Through the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal

Sign in to the UCount Rewards Redemption Portal and use your Rewards Points for data, airtime and voucher purchases. You can also donate to a charity, redeem your Rewards Points towards your personal loan or savings and investment accounts or redeem your Rewards Points for a smartphone through UCount Mobile.


The advantage of your Rewards Points is that they can be used to stretch your spending. With so many options of where and how to spend your Rewards Points, doing more of what you enjoy is easier on your pocket.

  • Easily and conveniently use your Rewards Points at any of our Rewards Retailers to pay for a range of everyday retail, health and beauty, vehicle and home products and appliances.
  • Pay for fuel and oil at your nearest Caltex.
  • Spend your Rewards Points at our UCount Rewards Travel Mall for exclusive deals and savings on flights, accommodation and car hire.
  • Our UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal makes it simple to save on everything from home essentials to spoils for you and your family. Purchase grocery vouchers or airtime and data or treat yourself to an adventure experience.
  • You can use the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal to donate your Rewards Points to a cause you care about, from student education to charities and the Solidarity Fund, supporting those affected by COVID-19.
  • Your Rewards Points can make your hard-earned money go further by using them towards paying off your personal loan or helping you grow your money by adding it to your savings or investment account.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and ease of travelling more often by converting your Rewards Points into Avios air miles, accessing Bidvest Premier Lounges when you travel and skipping the queues to pay for parking using KaChing or Admyt.

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