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Cross-border transfers made easy
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Conveniently send and receive money across the globe

Financially supporting family abroad? Maybe relatives outside the country send you money? Dealing with money transfers between countries doesn’t have to be daunting. We’re here to make it quick and easy with MoneyGram.

Whatever your reason, using MoneyGram is a convenient and reliable way to transfer cash just about anywhere. As more people move across Africa and overseas for work, being able to send and receive cash safely within minutes is a lifesaver.

You can seamlessly send currency across continents with MoneyGram, and within 10 minutes*, the cash can be accessed. Plus, you don’t even need a bank account, and the funds can be placed straight into a digital wallet.

How your MoneyGram transfer works

You can make transfers to 200 territories from any one of our branches with forex outlets**. All you need is to have the right documents (ID or passport and proof of residence) and a filled-in MoneyGram form.

As an extra benefit, you can also earn UCount Rewards Points when sending money.

How  to send money

  1.  Visit an in-branch forex outlet
  2. Provide the cash, required documents and forms
  3. Complete a transfer to the recipient’s bank account or digital wallet
  4. Give the reference number to your recipient

How to recieve money

  1. Get your reference number from the sender
  2. Visit an in-branch forex outlet
  3. Hand over the completed form and required documentation to collect your money
*Depending on office hours and time zone

**If you don’t bank with us, we’ll need FICA documentation

Terms and conditions apply.