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Download the COVID Alert SA app

Add your phone to the COVID fight

Help break the chain of COVID-19 transmission by downloading the COVID Alert SA contact tracing app. The power is in your hands.

Use your smartphone to protect your community

Become part of the game-changing network of app users by turning your smartphone into a Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing tool. By downloading the COVID Alert SA app, you not only protect your community and loved ones from exposure, but your efforts also contribute to our country’s fight to overcome the pandemic.

Download the COVID Alert SA app today.

Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.


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How does the COVID Alert SA app work?

The COVID Alert SA app gives you the power to slow the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa by using Bluetooth contact-tracing technology. The app notifies people when they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, however, you can rest assured that your identity will always remain private.

The app is free and available to anyone based in South Africa. All you have to do is:

  • Download COVID Alert SA on the App Store or Google Play
  • Enable notifications and Bluetooth
  • Let the app run in the background
  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same

The app will do the rest of the work and:

  • Send you an exposure notification if you are ever in close contact with another app user who tests positive for COVID-19
  • Tell you how to limit the spread of COVID-19 to others
  • Advise you how to manage your health and track any COVID-19 symptoms

Important to note:

  • COVID Alert SA is built on Apple and Google’s exposure notification framework, which is only for use by public health authority apps around the world
  • The app does not store your name, identity or any personal information
  • The system does not use GPS or track your location
  • It is an opt-in service and you can choose to send and receive exposure notifications

Why should I download the COVID Alert SA app?

  • Help break the chain of transmission
    The COVID Alert SA app gives everyone the chance to understand their exposure to the virus so that we can protect every member of the community, especially those most at risk.  
  • Avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infections
    Technology has a fundamental role to play in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Widespread adoption of COVID Alert SA will help support the safe re-opening of our economy and a gradual return to normalcy.
  • Get guidance
    Receive health guidelines, access to healthcare should you need it, and advise on your next steps.

Have any more questions?

Visit the COVID Alert SA page to get the answers you’re looking for.

Important contact details 

COVID-19 Public Hotline: 0800 029 999

WhatsApp Support Line: 060 012 3456