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Learn how to protect yourself

What you need to know about insurance

When you have worked hard for everything you own, you need to ensure it is protected in the event that anything unfortunate happens.

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The importance of having insurance
Why is insurance important?

Insurance is about protection. It’s about planning for the unexpected, and although it doesn’t often feel like a priority, it can make a huge difference in times of loss or damage.

Life insurance
Importance of life insurance

Life insurance is the most essential type of insurance if you are a breadwinner or have children. The money that is left behind when you pass away can go a significant way to replacing your income for living expenses.

Car and home insurance
Car and home insurance

It can sometimes feel like a waste of money to pay for car or home insurance, after all, you can never be sure that bad things are even going to happen to either. But it’s important to remember what might happen if they do. If your car transports you to work every day it is an extremely valuable asset, because it assists you in getting to work and earning a living. Similarly, insuring things like laptops and electronics at home can save you a lot of valuable time, money and energy.

Life insurance
Different types of insurance

There are various types of insurance for just about every possible event in your life that might need financial assistance.