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Case study: Fleet management solutions

Vehicles are expensive to buy, equip and maintain. Our client owned a growing number of vehicles and required a fleet management solution to ensure maximum business mileage.


  • Drivers were issued with petty cash to pay for expenses such as fuel, toll fees, oil and more
  • This required manual reconciliation of expenses, and receipts were often mislaid by drivers
  • Vehicles needed to be maintained on a regular basis, resulting in additional admin for the business
  • The fleet also needed to be upgraded regularly to maintain the business brand image


  • We structured our fleet management solutions to meet our client’s unique needs
  • We provided support from specialists who are familiar with the latest industry trends and developments
  • Our fleet solutions and facilities offered our clients a full range of specialised products to control and manage the fleet more effectively
  • Our Full Maintenance Leasing (FML) solution gave our client a comprehensive financial and maintenance package for the business
  • Our fleet management card, issued per vehicle rather than driver, offered convenience in paying for, monitoring and controlling vehicle running costs
  • Our management tool delivered an effective way to manage financial, technical and operational costs
  • The driver training we provided helped to minimise accidents and the accompanying costs, and ensured that the company vehicles were looked after
  • Our range of reports and online systems were tailored to our client’s needs
  • Reports, based on real-time data, gave instant visibility at any point in the management cycle