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Case study: End-to-end fleet and risk management

Our client required an end-to-end solution for the business’ transport and fleet management requirements.


  • Our transport business client was concerned about the risks involved in transporting goods from the port to the rest of the country, such as theft and mishandling
  • The client had also experienced increased costs due to fraudulent transactions when paying for fuel with cash
  • Our client also needed to import specific trucks for use within the business from overseas


  • Our consultants conducted a needs analysis to understand the amount and types of cover required by our client
  • We provided a competitive quotation and advice on the best cover for our client’s business
  • Our consultants assessed whether our client required insurance to cover the business only up until goods arrived at port, or also for the additional transit-leg to a warehouse
  • A fleet management card provided our client with a safe and convenient way to pay for fuel, oil, services, repairs, tyres and toll fees
  • Increased security is provided to protect against any possible fraudulent transactions
  • We provided an Interim agreement to assist our client in importing assets
  • Periodic draw-downs were made as agreed upon, while the asset was being shipped
  • The agreement was then converted to a regular VAF agreement (instalment sale or financial lease) when the goods arrived and were assembled for use