South Africa
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Standard Bank trade solutions partnering with clients during the pandemic.

As we all are aware of the current outbreak of the Coronavirus and the President Ramaposa’s institution of a national lockdown, you can be rest assured the trade team remains operational and dedicated to helping you and your business during this challenging time.

As we are being harshly reminded, pandemics create huge economic costs. We are seeing sharply reduced business and consumer confidence, reduced revenues for many types of business, and sudden and immense pressure on the prices of many assets.  

We are very much aware that we work at the centre of the economy and that it is our duty to do everything we can to help our clients to keep their businesses and their lives on track.  

In these uncertain times, when importing or exporting, we recommend protecting your cashflow and ensuring performance of your supplier or buyer instituting one of our many risk mitigating solutions like letters of credit, bills for collections or guarantees.

If you are concerned about managing cashflow demands, or issues relating to imports and dispatched goods.  We are here to assist. Talk to us about the possible financing or re-financing of these transactions. 
We have a team of in-house experts that work with you on all aspects of each import including, order monitoring; payments, forex, and exposure management, document and logistics management, costings and a host of other services, to free up your much valued time and ensure your goods arrive on time, at the price you expected.

Particularly challenging is the postponement of conferences and event. Our exclusive digital platform enables you to explore new markets from around the world or be introduced to vetted buyers and suppliers from over 45 countries. This is being offered as a free service to our customers to try and help during these times.

We have enabled a myriad of digital payment channels. To gain access to the most appropriate channel for you, please contact your relationship team to provide assistance. 

If you are submitting payments that requires bulk supporting documentation, we will help you apply for a Letter of Undertaking dispensation to vastly simplify your international payments processes. Please contact your relationship team to start the assessment process. 

We look forward to partnering with you and to help your business grow.